The roots

The Cytrexpiler family has been growing spice for more than 50 years. Avi Tsitershpiler, the owner of the farm, has absorbed the values ​​of agriculture, landscape, nature and man since childhood, growing up and growing spice with his father Zvi, one of the pioneers of the spice industry in Israel. After his military service in the Faculty of Agriculture and later in Naturoptia, Avi Zitershpiler has been continuously growing, processing, producing and marketing spices and herbs in Israel and around the world.

Realizing the dream

In 2003 he decided to realize his dream and spread the vision of spice to every home in Israel. This is how the Spice Road Farm was born, a unique tourist concept of a visitor center for the world of spices and medicinal plants. The farm serves as a visitors’ center for private and group audiences and an educational center for all franchise stores and business customers. The concept invites the visitor to a powerful and exciting senses and colors experience in the form of an open market of hundreds of spices and herbs – the largest farm store in Israel for this subject.

The concept

The experience is built in the unique combination of product and content and serves as an endless storehouse of ideas for the use of spices and medicinal plants and their qualities as a way to a better and healthier quality of life. The farm has been operating in a tourism format for 10 years and has hosted thousands of buses and hundreds of thousands of private guests in recent years under the guidance of Avi and his team. Groups and organizations enjoy a varied experiential activity that includes fascinating lectures, enrichment days, cooking workshops and fun days. The farm has organic farming fields, including macalms and dozens of species of spices and herbs.

The power

The spice vision has expanded to 8 spice shops that operate throughout the country and serve as a tool for spreading the fragrance and its causes … and as another way to spread the spice vision and to expose to a wide audience their qualities and their ability to create a season of seasoning for benefit and health in our lives. In 2012, the spice vision expanded beyond the borders of Israel and there are collaborations in England, Germany and the United States.


Spices, mixtures and kosher infusions under the supervision of Rabbi Zamir – Jezreel Valley Regional Council

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